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Get a FREE website seal to boost your credibility. Sign up for free today. Basic business accounts are 100% FREE. We scan your site and give you an Internet Accredited seal to display. This ensures customers that your site is malware and virus free, and ranks as a trusted site.

Internet Accredited will also rate your business for free. We achieve this with a score based from user reviews and complaints, and the credibility and vuneralability of your website.

Other companies are charging several hundred, to thousands of dollars per year for this service. Internet Accredited offers basic accounts for absolutely no cost, ever!

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Ecommerce And Online Merchants

Show your customers that you are an Internet Accredited Business. Shoppers and other website contacts or leads can be sure they are visiting a trusted site.

Trust seals improve revenue and website sales and conversion rates. Basic accounts are 100% free. We find that many of our members report a 10% increase in website conversions when displaying the Internet Accredited Trust Seal.

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Free Malware and Virus Scan

Our virus and malware scanner has up to the minute virus and malware definitions. We not only scan your site for free, we also check the black list status of the site, and notify you if you are found on major black lists.

This tool can be used by anyone, to check any site. It's a great tool for shoppers to be sure the site your purchasing from is virus, malware, and black list free.

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How Internet Accredited Works
  • Sign Up For A 100% Free Basic Account
  • We scan and verify your website
  • You place an Internet Accredited Verified Seal on your website in the style and color you choose
  • We run a vulnerability and virus/malware scan on your site daily for free to ensure safe site browsing
  • Customers see the trusted badge and know they can shop/surf worry free from a trusted website or merchant
  • We rate your business from customer reviews, unresolved complaints, resolved complaints and website scan and audit results
  • Become fully a accredited business for $49.99 a year and display accredited business badge on your profile plus more valuable member benefits. Read our FAQ's
File A Complaint Online

We make it simple to file a complaint against a business. Just fill out a short form and we will submit the complaint for review and contact the business. We will give them an opportunity to resolve the complaint with the consumer.

If it has been determined that no attempt to resolve the complaint has been made, or the business was unprofessional in any way it will negatively affect that members business rating. To get started click the complaint button below.

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Build Trust And Confidence

Internet Accredited enforces strict standards of business. Your website visitors will be assured they are on a trusted page when you display our Trust Seal.

The Internet Accredited malware and virus scan ensures your site has a clean bill of health everyday! Your website users see an Internet Accredited Seal and know they can browse and shop with confidence.

Our grading system was designed to be fair, and give all business account members the chance to resolve, or dispute customer complaints before being graded. You must maintain good customer relations, and business ethics to achieve the highest scores. Read our FAQ's for more information.

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